Bedrooms, lounges, balconies, hot tubs and restaurants; they are what matter most when booking a holiday.

We've often heard it said; 'of course these days digital cameras do everything'. Almost true, however there's a whole lot more to photographing a room than putting a camera on a tripod and pressing the button. 

Call us traditionalists but we light rooms using high powered flash equipment whenever time and location permit. We'll balance this with natural light for a...well more natural effect.

From small caravan bedrooms to large ballrooms and restaurants; we photograph them all on a regular basis.


Likewise we're well versed in the operation of a busy hotel. We understand that bedrooms can't be photographed before housekeeping have finished and never ten minutes before a guest arrives! It's sometimes a scramble - but we'll work with you to get the job done with the minimum of disruption.

All images      Just Focus Photography 2017